Cutting edge solutions
in Genomic Medicine

No-nonsense and no-frills clinical decision-support tools for the evaluation and reporting of clinically actionable genomic variants


Our clinical decision-support solutions, carefully developed and evaluated over several years in hundreds of cases, presently include:

Exome Management Application-EMA®

Our powerful and tested bioinformatics platform-software pipeline, coupled to expert curation for the evaluation and reporting of clinically actionable genomic variants.


A user-friendly tool for building phenotype-driven and/or disease-driven multi-gene NGS panels

Contributing to Precision Medicine

ClinGenics is committed to the development and provision of state-of-the art clinical decision-support and genomic testing solutions for physicians and patients.

The rapid adoption of clinical Next Generation Sequencing – NGS  testing has brought to the forefront the complexities associated with variant interpretation and new important challenges in the clinical interpretation of DNA variants associated with genetic diseases have emerged.

In order to address these challenges, and starting in early 2012, the first version of the Exome Management Application-EMA® pipeline software was designed and implemented and for more than 5 years it has been methodically developed, refined and tested in more than 600 clinical cases, to become a very powerful variant interpretation tool …

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